"Burt Covit's photographs are full of totems and monoliths, not so much to American consumerism, as to the funny and sad business of America itself. Old weird America, where Cadillacs are planted like vegetable seeds and fortune tellers await easy marks with a late-night hunger for the sublime. In Covit's world, beer cans loom as large as Rushmore and majorettes float just above the crowd, because proportion is emotional and gravity is as uncanny as the land itself."
- Jonathan Goldstein

Burt Covit was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is a cinemagraphic and photographic technician. His love of cinematography and photography translates through his works, including his decade long project “American Beauties” documenting motorcycles and biker culture; “Far West: Rodeos and Endless Roads” and capturing images of Cadillac Ranch in 1974 as well as more recent work such as “Carhenge”.