Rafael Yaluff (b. 1983, Santiago, Chile) holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Pontificia University, Chile (2006). After his philosophy studies, Yaluff went in search of the relation between impressionism and phenomenology. He packed up his paint and canvases and began a series of expeditions into Patagonia. As a result of this 5-year period of investigation, Yaluff’s paintings, far more than simply depicting the landscape, show us his experiences of it. 

After moving to Toronto in 2016, Yaluff started a series of explorations to try to find his own style. Deeply influenced by German expressionism, Pop Art, comics and film, Yaluff has found an original way to express himself.

Yaluff has exhibited his work in Santiago, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Lisbon, and Toronto, where his show “Rainforest” (2015) was part of the Pan-American games program, representing his home country of Chile. He currently lives and works in Portugal.