After studying philosophy in Chile, Rafael Yaluff went to Patagonia in search of the relation between impressionism and phenomenology. Working en plein air, Yaluff made a series of large-scale paintings that are a testimony to his encounters with raw natural landscapes. Developed over five years through multiple voyages, this body of work was the result of a series of expeditions to Patagonia in the glacier fiords of southern Chile. Here, the artist built temporary ateliers in the pristine forest. In search of meaning, Yaluff was immersed in nature, while he painted against the harsh elements. As the weeks advanced, moss and fungi started to grow on his canvases, as if the landscape was trying to swallow them. Yaluff’s practice reflects his journey in search of identity and the discovery of his spirit. 

After moving to Toronto in 2016, Yaluff began a series of explorations that were deeply influenced by German expressionism, Pop Art, comics and film.


Rafael Yaluff (b. 1983, Santiago, Chile) holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Pontificia University, Chile (2006). Yaluff has exhibited in Santiago, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Lisbon, and Toronto, where his show “Rainforest” (2015) was part of the Pan-American games program, representing his home country of Chile. He currently lives in New York, where he is completing his MFA at Hunter College.