Art Toronto 2020 Events

October 28 – November 7, 2020

Accidental Geometries, 2020

Accidental Geometries

Group Show

Oct 9 - Dec 19, 2020

our relationship is beautiful due to the distance, Michelle Forsyth, 2020

Michelle Forsyth

our relationship is beautiful due to the distance

Oct 15 - Nov 21st, 2020

Exhibition Tour with AGO's Kenneth Brummel and Jane Corkin
October 29 - ArtTO Preview

Join AGO Associate Curator Kenneth Brummel as he speaks with Jane Corkin about the history and influence of Corkin Gallery, and our Art Toronto 2020 exhibition "Accidental Geometries". 

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Virtual Studio Tour with Leopold Plotek
October 29 at 6:00pm - Instagram LIVE @corkingallery

Join Leopold Plotek on Instagram live as he leads a tour of his Montréal studio. As part of Corkin Gallery’s online exhibition Leopold Plotek: Early Paintings, Leo will visit the works undertaken after a trip to Italy back in the 70s. By revisiting paintings made in the late 70s to the early 80s the artist will explore his influences from history, architecture and art.


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Virtual Studio Tour with Barbara Astman
October 31 at 12:30pm - Instagram LIVE @corkingallery

Join Barbara Astman on Instagram live as she leads a tour of her studio. This is a unique opportunity to intimately explore the work of a visionary artist who, throughout her career, pioneered the artistic use of both analogue and digital reproduction techniques. Astman is a key thinker in discovering and exploring the technological practices and concepts that are key signifiers in contemporary art.


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Exhibition tour of our relationship is beautiful due to the distance led by Michelle Forsyth. 
November 7 at 2pm - in-person in the gallery and virtual

Michelle Forsyth will lead a tour of her first solo exhibition with Corkin Gallery, our relationship is beautiful due to the distance. Featuring Forsyth's work in sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking and photography, the exhibition brings together works developed since 2014 including her Knitwear series and Footnotes series alongside a new series of self-portraits titled Improvisations. Space is limited. This tour will also be broadcasted live on Instagram.


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